Violet contact lenses (UV Violet Diamond)

2 violet contact lenses

Name: Violet contact lenses (UV Violet Diamond)

Type: UV light lenses
Manufacturers: Bach Optic

Let your eyes light up violet! When under black light these lenses are simply fascinating with their unique fluorescent effect! The green UV contact lenses are suitable for both light and dark eyes and offer high opacity.
The contact lenses are manufactured under very strict quality controls and can be used for up to 12 months after opening. These lenses are non-prescription lenses and are only suitable for cosmetic use in normal and healthy eyes. The iris's eye color is fully covered and the pupil remains free. The Violet Diamond UV lenses are not suitable for driving. These coloured contact lenses have a 8.60mm radius (BC) and a 14.5mm diameter (DIA).
They are made from the patented Polyhema hydrogel (58%), with a water content of 48% and are highly oxygen permeability. The colour layer is situated between the hydrogel layers and does not come into contact with the eye.

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