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PuraComfort one Day 30

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PuraComfort one Day - lets your eyes breathe deeply!

PuraComfort one Day daily disposable lenses not only provide clear, optimal visual acuity, but are also particularly well tolerated, hardly noticeable and especially suitable for sensitive eyes thanks to their manufacture from modern silicone hydrogel.

Above average oxygen permeability

Exceptional wearing comfort 

Low moisture loss

With PuraComfort one Day daily disposable lenses, contact lens wearers can enjoy the convenience of a new pair of hygienically packaged contact lenses that are particularly comfortable to wear. The PuraComfort one Day contact lens is first carefully placed on the index finger. When inserting the contact lens, it is important that the lens is touched as little as possible. As an alternative to the finger, there are also practical insertion tools in the form of a lens handler or tweezers. Then, with the other hand, the eyelid is pulled slightly downwards, creating a small gap between the eyelid and the eye. The contact lens can now be slowly placed on the eye. It is recommended to insert the contact lens before applying make-up. This not only makes styling easier, but also minimizes the risk of unintentional contact between the lens and cosmetic products already applied.

Product details:Simple, practical, hygienic and hardly noticeable - PuraComfort one Day lenses not only make everyday life easier for contact lens wearers with particularly sensitive eyes. Particularly thin and made of the latest silicone hydrogel, PuraComfort one Day is hardly noticeable and its innovative material properties allow the eye to be optimally supplied with oxygen. Irritation of the eye, dryness, redness or itching can be effectively minimized even during longer periods of wear. PuraComfort one Day is particularly easy to use, hygienically packaged and does not require any tiresome cleaning - the ideal companion also for athletes and contact lens wearers with an active lifestyle.


PuraComfort one Day 30
Daily Disposables
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30 pcs. daily lenses