MyDay toric 30

30 toric daily lenses

Give your eyes an upgrade! Switch MyDay Daily Disposables to Clariti® 1 day lenses. Just click on the successor product below and order now with your same values.

Name: MyDay toric 30

Type: Daily Disposables
Manufacturers: Cooper Vision

MyDay Toric disposable lenses are soft daily disposable contact lenses and are used to correct corneal irregularities. They are the optimal lenses for today's hectic everyday life.
Thanks to revolutionary technology for outstanding comfort and ease of use, you can focus on your day and not on your contact lenses. Thanks to the special material technology Smart SiliconeTM, the lenses contain fewer silicones than other disposable contact lenses and still provide the eye with optimal oxygen. Due to their flexibility, MyDay® disposable contact lenses are easy to put on and take off.

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Our Qualities

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  • Fifty years of experience in the contact lens business
  • Specialist expertise thanks to our optician background

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