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Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly lenses as the all-rounder in the world of sight aids - order quickly and easily online now

Monthly lenses are among the most commonly worn contact lenses, and are suitable for both correction of long-sightedness and short-sightedness, as well as correction of corneal curvature or presbyopia (age-related sight issues). At discountlens, you`ll find a wide and varied range of different monthly lenses at low prices.

High-quality lenses as an alternative to glasses

While daily lenses are mainly suitable for occasional users or particularly sensitive eyes, monthly lenses are ideal for anyone who regularly needs help with their vision, but does not want to wear glasses permanently. Monthly lenses are not expensive compared to other kinds of lenses. But that`s only one of many advantages. As the name suggests, these lenses can generally be worn for 30 days, which makes them particularly environmentally friendly compared to daily lenses. To ensure they are still easy to wear at the end of this period, and that no minor irritations arise in the eye, they should be stored in a special solution overnight.

All-in-one solutions are perfect for this, as the liquid they contain combines agents for cleaning. disinfection and moistening.

Wide selection of monthly lenses at discountlens

To ensure that we always have the right product for every wearer, we don`t just have a wide range of different brands, such as Air Optix, Biomedics and PureVision. Our monthly lenses also come in a really wide range of designs, tailor-made for the widest possible range of requirements. The models come in a range of designs, materials and properties, depending on the sensitivity of your eyes. Some monthly lenses also come with built-in UV protection. Biofinity are particularly worth mentioning, as they can also be worn at night during the intended period of 30 days, after discussion with your contact-lens practitioner, which allows non-stop use.

Order the right model without any complication in our online store, or contact us if you have any questions about choosing the right contact lenses, either by phone or email.