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Lipo Nit eye drops – all round care for the eyes

Dry, irritated eyes are a common problem, above all among contact lens wearers. There are many causes, and they are generally difficult to define exactly. As well as the demands on the eyes caused by wearing lenses, common causes include hormonal changes, medications such as contraceptive pills or circumstances such as dry air from air conditioning units, or long periods spent working with digital screens. Tried and tested Lipo Nit eye drops are generally used to combat the uncomfortable feeling of dry eyes. Have you ever looked at care of the rest of the eye area too? If not, you should - to maintain healthy eyes long-term, and avoid possible simpler reasons for dry eyes! As well as eye drops, with Lipo Nit you’ll find the right eye care product for the whole eye area - naturally at the best prices at discountlens.

Eye care at discountlens – Lipo Nit eye drops and more at great prices

One major part of the eyes, which is often forgotten, but which has a major influence on keeping the eyes moist, is the lid edge.

There are fat glands in the lid edge, which coat the tear film with a slight layer of fat, the lipid layer, and so protect them from drying out in the air. These glands can, however, become blocked due to excess fat, or deposits in the eyes. This can lead to the surface of the eye no longer being covered by the lipid layer, leading to inflammation. A hordeolum is the classic case of a blockage in the fat glands, also known as a “sty”. To protect the eyes from this, you should look after your eyelids on a regular basis.

Lipo Nit lid care is perfect for this. It is used daily and as well as maintaining the lipid layer, it also helps the natural healing process when the eyes are irritated. You can also apply Lipo Nit Spray for occasional but regular treatment. The fine spray mist is simply sprayed on the closed eye, even if you’re wearing contact lenses or eye makeup. The same goes for Lipo Nit Sensitive. Even after a single spray, it gives fast relief from existing irritation.

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