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Extreme Contact lenses

Extreme contact lenses - daily or monthly lenses

Contact lenses from the brand extreme are known particularly for their high water content, as the product name suggests. These lenses are very pleasant to wear, and give the eye moisture, whether in the 54 or 59 percent water content version. As well as a contact lens for very sensitive eyes, and one which makes handling easier for contact lens beginners, the standard model is also available in different versions.

The only difference is the diameter - a slightly smaller lens can considerably increase comfort for young contact lens users, or anyone with smaller eyes. Extreme also feature toric lenses in their range for people with astigmatism. They all have one thing in common: Because of the material hioxifilcon D, they all offer the best possible level of comfort for the best vision, every day new!

Our monthly lenses from Extreme

Monthly lenses are particularly suitable for you if you wear your contact lenses a lot, or if you even want to use them as a replacement for glasses. As they can be worn over the course of a whole month, they are considerably less expensive than daily lenses and they create less waste. However, you should always keep them clean, so they can be as comfortable and hygienic at the end of the month as at the start, and deliver the same great vision.

You`ll find the following Extreme monthly lenses at discountlens:

  • Extreme H2o 54% (13.6/14.2): The standard model, available in two sizes
  • Extreme 54% Toric (LC/MC): Toric lenses which correct astigmatism
  • Extreme H2o 59% Thin: Extra thin and with high water content, for even greater comfort
  • Extreme H2o 59% Xtra: More robust design for easier insertion and higher water content for even greater comfort