Bioclear 1 Day 30

30 Daily Disposables

Bioclear 1 Day contact lenses are sold out and no longer produced. Switch now from Bioclear® 1 day to Clariti® 1 day contact lenses and treat your eyes to an upgrade! Click on the successor below and order now with the same values.


The Bioclear 1 Day is a biocompatible daily disposable contact lens with a water content of 56% that is made from filcon IV 1 and AquAtract. The AquAtract means a large amount of water is bound to the lens surface, which increases comfort levels noticeably for the wearer.
The hyaluron in the storage solution for this lens also makes it easy to insert and protects the cornea through wetting, while an integrated UV filter offers an additional layer of protection.


Name: Bioclear 1 Day 30

Type: Daily Disposables

Manufacturers: Cooper Vision

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