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Photos at the blink of an eye, glucose and eye pressure measurements directly from the lens? Discountlens presents the new lens technology.



What sounds like a scene from a science fiction film is already a reality. The soft contact lens of the future now offers much more than just correction for the eye. Leading companies like Google, Samsung, Sony and even start-ups like Sensimed are developing smart lenses with revolutionary technologies that will soon become indispensable in everyday life. Their built-in chips, sensors, and antennas provide data that will not only be extremely helpful in the medical field, but will also provide the wearers with augmented information about the surroundings in which they find themselves.


A blessing for diabetes sufferers
Google has developed mini-sensors integrated into the edge of the lens in collaboration with Alcon, a subsidiary of Novartis. The ultra-thin antennas and sensors measure the glucose level in the lacrimal fluid and transmit the data to a mobile data device, which automatically adjusts the insulin supply. Novartis has already licensed the technology. Google is already working on LED lights integrated into the lens that notify their wearers directly in the field of vision when their blood glucose level is low.


Videos and photos by blinking:
Sony has patented a smart lens, which can capture video and take photos by means of the controlled blinking of the person wearing the contact lens. Sensors that are embedded into the lens are designed to detect the difference between intended and unintentional blinking.


A mini smartphone in your eye:
Samsung is developing its own contact lenses with a camera, sensors and transmitters that are wirelessly connected to the mobile phone and send information to or project information from the smartphone directly into the field of vision, for example, maps of the surroundings or even restaurant menus. Photos of the immediate surroundings should be possible too.


Green star under control:
Already available as a medical device on the market and successfully used with several thousand patients: Sensimed Triggerfisch® for glaucoma management. The soft 24 hour silicone lenses of this Swiss start-up company measure the changes in size that are associated with eye pressure using a sensor and then transfer the data directly to the ophthalmologist. In this way, the progress of the loss of vision can be analysed.


Will we all soon become contact lens wearers with super technology? It surely will not be long until these groundbreaking technologies find their way into our iris. We at Discountlens welcome this development!

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