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Ultrazyme All-in-one solutions

Ultrazyme all-in-one solutions – protein remover as an alternative to peroxide systems

Ultrazyme is a “protein remover” and all-in-one solution which comes in tablet form, and is used for deep-cleaning of soft contact lenses. Just like peroxide solutions, it cleans extremely thoroughly, and so is only used occasionally to support daily cleaning.

But the advantage lies in the considerably faster, simpler application. It contains the enzyme subtilisin A, which breaks down protein, germs and other deposits biologically, so that the lenses are hygienically clean again.

Not only does this reduce irritation caused by dirt, as the lens surface is completely clear, it also restores oxygen permeability, which is important for eye health. You will notice the improvement in comfort immediately.

Ultrazyme all-in-one solution: Why do I need a protein remover and how are they used?

Protein removal tablets are used alongside daily cleaning and storage with saline solution, or all-in-one solutions. They are used to remove particularly stubborn deposits such as enzymes and proteins, and offer safe, irritation-free use of contact lenses, as well as flawless, clear vision without optical discolouration. Protein removers, also known as enzyme cleaners, should be used once a week. You put the cleaner tablet into a saline or all-in-one solution and wait until it dissolves. Then put the lens in and strictly observe the treatment times and other specific instructions in the product description.

For example, you can take your lenses out of Ultrazyme after as little as 20 minutes, or you can allow it to work overnight, but no longer than 12 hours. After you take them out, rinse the lenses again with fresh saline or all-in-one solution, to remove any loosened dirt remaining on the lens, and they’re ready to put in!