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Solo Care All-in-one solutions

The solution that can do it all - SoloCare Aqua all-in-one solutions

SoloCare Aqua is an all-in-one contact lens care solution which allows you to clean, disinfect, rinse, wet and store your soft contact lenses. This means it combines the protective properties of peroxide solutions, saline solutions and eye drops in a single bottle. You don’t need hours to deliver optimal cleaning performance either, as you do with deep cleaning systems.

The contact lenses can simply be drizzled with the SoloCare all-in-one solution, rubbed carefully for around 10 seconds and then rinsed with fresh fluid. Then they are hygienically clean and can put into a contact lens case filled with fresh solution (for at least 5 minutes!). What’s more - this contact lens case comes with the SoloCare all-in-one solution. This is a major benefit, as this should also be replaced every four to six weeks, to guarantee perfect hygiene.

The contact lens case supplied is a MicroBlock, which has been specially designed to protect the lenses from germs and contamination.

SoloCare Aqua all-in-one solution - extra moisture for your contact lenses

SoloCare Aqua all-in-one solutions are also suitable for sensitive and, above all, dry eyes, as the unique combination of the effective ingredients provitamin B5 and sorbitol together deliver the hydrolock effect. This stores moisture in the lens, keeps the water content at a constant level and continually wets the lens. This guarantees long-lasting comfort for you. In addition, a protein remover removes deposits and dirt, promising clear vision and prevents irritation. This gives you the perfect experience even on long days.