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DLENS All-in-one solutions

The d-lens all-in-one solution as a combi solution for all forms of contact lens care

All-in-one contact lens care from d-lens combines the properties of all other care solutions. So for example, it offers the dirt removal of a saline solution, the deep cleaning of a peroxide solution and the wetting properties of eye drops. This means it can be used for cleaning, disinfection, storage and care of your contact lenses. And the best thing: It doesn’t cost any more than each of the individual solutions! So it’s no wonder then that combi or d-lens all-in-one solutions are particularly popular with contact lens users. Order here at discountlens to take advantage of the best prices and offers!

d-lens all-in-one solution is also now particularly effective in terms of care

As well as the classic d-lens all-in-one, there is now also a combi solution with the additive hyaluron. This bio-compatible material is found in the body - you find it, for example, in the eyes, the skin and the joints. This means the eye does not view hyaluron as a foreign body, so it does not trigger an irritation, even in sensitive or allergy-affected eyes.

The hyaluron itself wets the lens and so provides a film of moisture which protects the eye from becoming dry. This makes contact lenses treated with it even more tolerable, and even after a long period of use, they still feel comfortable, natural and fresh. This not only guarantees you optimal comfort all day, it also supports eye health.

The all-in-one contact lens solutions from d-lens are generally suitable for all soft contact lenses, and also support innovative materials such as silicone hydrogel. They come in standard size 360ml and a travel size of 60ml. For really easy contact lens care on holiday, we also stock a travel set, which contains two bottles in travel sizes, as well as a contact lens holder, all in a practical, resealable clear pack.