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Complete RevitaLens - 100ml


The new Complete Revitalens lens care product is suitable for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing soft contact lenses. It removes surface deposits very effectively and also wets both traditional and silicone hydrogel lenses generously so that they are comfortable to wear. Complete RevitaLens is a pathbreaking solution and was developed in cooperation with international experts. The result of this work is a powerful formulation that is able to combat germs and microorganisms for long periods of time. In a series of scientific studies, Complete RevitaLens MPDS was able to remove up to 99.99%1 of the tested bacteria from a lens surface, and an average of over 85% of all protein and lipid deposits. The solution`s integrated cleaning and wetting system helps to bind moisture to the lenses it cleans, enabling it to offer users lenses that are comfortable to wear all day. One lens container is included.


Complete RevitaLens - 100ml
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1 x 100ml

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