Freaklens Kitty White

Name: Freaklens Kitty White

Type: Fantasy lenses
Manufacturers: Bach Optic

Colorful Contact Lenses Fun Lenses Kitty White

Freak Lens Kitty White, the freaky contact lenses cheaper then ever! Freak Out! Do you want to look like a wild cat? With this fun lenses you will scary everbody. 

Account for color changes necessarliy their own eye color!

With every order of contact lenses you receive a container with lenscleaner for free.

Contact lenses only without any Power available

  • Inhalt: 2 farbige Kontaktlinsen

  • Tragedauer: 1-3 months

  • Liefertermin: sofort lieferbar

    Schminke? Teufelshörner? Vampirgebiss? bestellen sie hier:


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