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Latest Corona-news: Our supply chains are secured!

Dear customers

First of all, we hope that you are all well.

Due to the current Corona crisis, we would like to inform you that our supply chains are currently secured, but delivery bottlenecks may occur. We therefore recommend that you replenish your stock when your contact lenses or care products are slowly running out.

Aufgrund der hohen Bestellvolumen bei uns und bei den Paketdienstleistern kann es zu Lieferverzögerungen kommen.

In order to protect your health, we make sure that our logistics staff comply with the hygiene regulations (regular hand washing and disinfection) when packing the ordered products.

We would also like to point out that hygiene also plays an important role in connection with your lenses. We give you an important tip for your health:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly: especially before removing and inserting your contact lenses.
  • Further tips on how to deal with the corona virus can be found here at 20min
  • Take care of yourself and stay healthy!
  • Patience with our customer service
  • Tragen Sie wenn vorgeschrieben Schutzmasken

Please be patient due to the current situation. Due to the high demand we ask you to place your order online to relieve our customer service team. Thank you for your understanding.

For questions about orders and products in our online shop, our customer service is available from 8.00 to 17.00 hrs by e-mail [email protected]

Are there delays in delivery from the manufacturers?

There are currently no delivery delays from the manufacturers. We have increased the safety stocks in our warehouses so that we can serve our customers without interruption. Our own contact lens warehouses in Switzerland contain more than 4 million contact lenses. Replenishment from Switzerland and abroad and the incoming goods department are currently operating at a stable level.

Where can I see if there are any delays in delivery of a product?

On the product detail page of the desired item you can see the delivery time in days. Please enter the lens values first, e.g. radius, dioptre. We will show you the delivery time exactly depending on the strength. Here is an example

From which countries do the contact lenses come?

A large part of the lenses are produced in the USA, Germany and Ireland.

Does Urbach Optik AG expect that articles will run out due to the coronavirus?

The delivery situation is currently stable. We cannot foresee the further course of the pandemic. We are in contact with the manufacturers in order to constantly check availability.

Are there already articles that are running short or sold out?

At the moment there are no articles that are completely sold out. Our warehouses are full and the daily replenishment from the manufacturers is working perfectly. Should the situation change we will adjust the delivery times of the individual products as described above. So you as a customer can see the delivery time of your specific contact lens at any time transparently in our online shop.

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